About the Course:
I usually get lot of requests from .NET developers who wants to learn about Sitecore development. Most of them neither work for a Sitecore client nor partner, but they are eager to learn Sitecore out of their own interest. But, money wise(e-learning – $1500 & In-Person – $2500), without their employer support, Sitecore official training is little out of reach for them. Hence I made this course specifically for them. (This is only possible as we now have Sitecore developer trail program.)

If you can afford, stop it here, and navigate to Sitecore e-learning portal and take the training. I highly recommend you to go through official training.

About the Instructor: I am Gopikrishna Reddy Gujjula, a Sitecore consultant with 3.6+ years of experience on Sitecore, overall around 9 years of experience on Microsoft technologies. You can read more about me here.

Course Topics:

Duration: 40 hours

Schedule: Starting from 23-Feb-2019, every Saturday & Sunday 4 hours per day. Planning to complete by March 24th.

Delivery Mode: Online

Target Audience: .NET Developers with minimum 1 year experience on ASP.NET & C#


  1. We already have Official training from Sitecore? Does this course replaces that?
  2. Nope, absolutely not. If you can afford, i highly recommend you to go through official training. This is course is no way replacement for official one. As i stated earlier this unofficial training is made for developers who wants to learn Sitecore out of their own interest.
  3. What about License file?In 2018, Sitecore launched the awesome Developer trail program, in which any developer can request trail license for learning purpose, which is valid for 60 days.
  4. Is it free or paid training?I have not created this course to earn money out of it. Having said that, i am also not providing it for free, as only looking for serious learners. Mail me at gopikreddy.gn@gmail.com, to know more about fee.
  5. Is there any Demo lesson available?I am not planning on doing any demo session. You can watch my SUG presentations on YouTube channel. If you still have doubts, you can join first session, and decide whether to continue or not.

If you are interested or if you have any further queries, please mail me at gopikreddy.gn@gmail.com

Happy Learning 🙂