Highlight Search Results

“Solr has a highlighting feature. This means that Solr returns fragment of the documents that match a query in the query response. Solr includes these fragments in a special section of the response that is called the highlighting section. Solr also includes formatting clues that you use to determine how you present these fragments (or snippets)” from documentation.

  • Environment: Sitecore 9 update 1, and Solr 6.6.2.
  • References: As this is Solr specific feature, we need to refer following assemblies from our project.
    • SolrNet.dll
    • Sitecore.ContentSearch.dll
    • Sitecore.ContentSearch.SolrProvider.dll
    • Sitecore.ContentSearch.SolrNetExtension.dll
  • Solr Configuration: No configuration is required to enable this feature.

For demo purpose, i have created a book template, and added couple of book items. I have a description field on book template, which is used for highlighting search results.


To show Highlight search result, created Highlighter content item, and added Highlighter component (Controller Rendering) from the presentation details. (to main placeholder)

Following points, you can observe in the below code,

  • Passing search text through query string.
  • Using HighlightingParameters to pass field name, on which highlighting should run.
  • Passing query and queryoptions to IProviderSearchContext.Query() method.

Basic Layout code: (Basic.cshtml)

Highlighter component – Controller Rendering: (HighlighterController.cs)

View Model (HighlightResult.cs)

View (Index.cshtml)


Whole source code, with Sitecore items is present at https://github.com/gopigujjula/Sitecore9SolrDemo

Note: this code is only demo purposes


Happy Learning 🙂