Sitecore Media Framework with Brightcove Series

Part 5 – Configuration

1. Customize Brightcove Templates

When we install Brightcove connector, there are some of the main templates gets added,


We can use brightcove templates, similar way as our custom templates,

  • Inherit from other templates
  • Add new fields
  • Add presentation


When Brightcove Sync operation runs, our newly added field values are not effected, as there are no corresponding fields in Brightcove to sync.

Note: Do not modify the existing fields, as the sync operation may not work as expected.

2. TDS & Code generation

We can add Brightcove templates to project, similar way as any other templates. As there are couple of custom field types present, need to modify code gen templates accordingly.
Ex: Image Preview, Read-Only Text, etc.


3. Video Search Index

Brightcove connector includes “mediaframework_brightcove_index“ index in Sitecore.ContentSearch.MediaFramework.Brightcove.config file. This index crawls on master database, and it is used for searching Brightcove items in Sitecore client.


4. CM & CD Configuration

  • To perform automatic media synchronization, Brightcove connector uses MediaFramework_Import_Brightcove scheduling agent, which is present in Sitecore.MediaFramework.Services.Brightcove.config file. This is required only on CM.


Configurations not required on CD

  • Scheduling Agents
  • Brightcove Search Index


Happy Learning 🙂