Sitecore Media Framework with Brightcove Series

Part 1 – Sitecore Media Framework

In simplest terms, Sitecore Media Framework module, help developers to integrate the media services into website.

Prior to Media Framework, some of the most commonly used approaches to map videos into website are,

  • Using RTE
  • Managing Video id (Ex: YouTube video id)
  • Custom Video Rendering

In all three cases, Content Author has to manually copy the video information (Ex: video link, or video id), from media hosting website. This process might be OK, if we have very few number of videos on the site. But this would be very much time consuming for Content Authors, if the website serves heavy media content.

To solve this problem, Sitecore has introduced Media Framework module, using which Content Authors can easily manage (import, export, & upload etc) the media content.


In the above picture, we can observe that, by using the media framework module, and respective hosting (BrightcoveOoyalaVimeo, or Youtube) connector, videos become Sitecore native objects.

Once video becomes Sitecore native object, it has all the Sitecore capabilities, like content managementanalytics, and personalization.


By using the media framework with respective hosting provider (Ex: Brightcove) connector, Content authors can perform lot of functionalities,

  • Import media from hosting platform
  • Export media to hosting platform
  • Upload videos from Sitecore to hosting platform
  • Update/Delete video meta data directly from Sitecore
  • Search and select videos to insert on pages

To integrate media, we need to install two modules into Sitecore,

  1. Sitecore Media Framework module,
  2. Hosting provider (Brightcove or Ooyala) connector.

Sitecore Media framework module Installation

  1. Select and download the respective Media Framework module from Sitecore. For this demo, I have downloaded Media Framework 2.1 module (for Sitecore 8.1)
  2. Install the module from Installation wizard.
  3. Open the Sitecore Workbox & Select the Analytics Workflow, Deploy & publish the playback page events (Playback ChangedPlayback CompletedPlayback Error & Playback Started)
  4. Reporting DB configurations

Login to Sitecore, and select the Development Tools -> Installation Wizard from startup menu,


Upload and select the Media framework package, click next to proceed,


Click on Install to proceed,


After the successful installation, check Restart the Sitecore Client, and click on close.


After the package installation, need to deploy & publish the playback page events, Select the Workbox option from startup menu,


Check the Analytics Workflow checkbox,


Check all the Playback related events, and click on Deploy(selected)


After the installation, we can observe new items under template, layout, and media library





Media Library:


At the end, publish Site to web database.

Reporting DB configuration
Sitecore uses couple of new database tables for storing anaytics related data with respective to videos. We need to run a SQL script on reporting database. We can download the script here. This script creates following tables in reporting database,

  • MediaFrameworkMedia
  • Fact_MediaFrameworkEvents




Happy Learning 🙂