Sitecore Media Framework with Brightcove Series

Part 4 – Embed Media Into Sitecore

After integrating Brightcove account, within Sitecore, now content authors can search and select the videos, similar to any other Sitecore item.

Media framework module, provides multiple ways for integrating Videos onto website pages,

  1. RTE
  2. Module (Rendering)

1. RTE (Rich Text Editor)

When we install Media framework module, there would be two new buttons are added into Rich Text Editor ribbon.

  • Embed Media
  • Embed Media Link


Using both these new buttons, Content Authors, can embed videos into rich text.

Using Embed Media Button

Step 1: Click on Embed Media button in RTE ribbon,


Step 2: Click on Next button to proceed,


Step 3: Filter the items, by selecting brightcovevideo template,


Step 4: Select a video from the results, and click on Next to proceed,


Step 5: In Properties window, fill out the required Width, Height values, select a media player, and click on close.


Step 6: Now you can observe that, selected video is embedded.


Step 1: Click on Embed Media Link button in RTE ribbon, This functionality is pretty much similar to the Embed Media button, except here it provides an option, to play the video in pop-up window.

In Properties window, fill out the Link Title, Width, Height values, select a media player, and click on close. Compared to Embed Media, here we get extra field, to specify the Link Title.



Step 2: Now you can observe that, Media Link Demo is added on the page.


2. Module (Rendering)

When we install Media Framework module, we can notice that, there are three new items added in Layouts, each one under rendering, sublayouts, and placeholder settings.


By adding Embed Media module (rendering/sublayout) to the page presentation, we can place a video on the particular page.

In this example, let’s have a look at, how can we add it from Experience Editor,

Step:1 Open page template presentation, and add embedMedia placeholder settings item.



Step 2: Open the page item in Experience Editor, & add new module, by selecting Embed Media rendering,



Step 3: Now once the module is added on to the page, we can search & select the video, using the new custom experience editor buttons (Embed Media ElementUpdate Media Parameters). After clicking on button, functionality is pretty similar to the way we select the videos from Embed Media button in RTE



Step 4: Finally when we browse the page, we can see that there is a new video added on to the page.



Happy Learning 🙂