Saturday Sitecore Learning: SIM tool Installation

Sitecore Instance Manager (SIM), is the tool, using which we can install, maintain, and uninstall the Sitecore. Among Sitecore developers, this is the most preferred choice to maintain Sitecore installations.

SIM provides rich set of choices, you can watch this wonderful video, in which Vasiliy Fomichevexplains the main features.

In this post, we will look into SIM installation, in the next we will look into Sitecore installation using SIM.

Installation Steps

  1. Download SIM tool from Sitecore MarketplaceSIM1
  2. Click on the Link to get the ClickOnce version of SIM.SIM2
  3. It will be redirected to From here click on Install and Launch.SIM3
  4. Click on the downloaded SIM.Tool.applicationSIM4
  5. On the Initial Configuration Wizard, click on Next to proceed.SIM5
  6. Click on Next to proceed.SIM6
  7. In the previous post, we had downloaded latest Sitecore Zip (Sitecore 8.2 rev. 160729) file. For local repository point to the location of Sitecore folder, and point the local path for Sitecore License file.SIM7
  8. Here give a SQL connection string, with (Data Source, User ID and Password) values.SIM8
  9. Specify the File system path, and make sure to give the Network Service access, by clicking on the Grant button.SIM9SIM10SIM11
  10. After the successful installation, SIM will check for any Sitecore websites in the specified File System path. In my local I already have TestSitecore website, the same is listed below.SIM12

Happy Learning 🙂