Agent Ransack – Free File Searching Utility

Everybody knows about, how painful to search for files in Windows, and also there is no easy way to search the content of all the files with particular text.

Agent Ransack comes to our rescue, this is a very powerful file searching tool, which provides us lot of options to search the content, and generate reports.

We can also search the remote server contents from our local, this is the most useful feature for me, which helps & saves me lot of time.

There are lot of options, like searching with regular expressions, date modified range, and match case etc. We can export the results to Tabular, CSV, or text formats.

There is also a licensed version with more features File Locator Pro

We have also some other search utilities like Everything, and SearchMyFiles, but among all Agent Ransack stand out.

There is a very nice article which explains the details about different search utilities.

Credits : Thanks to my colleague Peter Franceschini, for letting me know about this wonderful tool.