Dotnet Bangalore User Group (27-02-2016)

This is one of the active .NET user group in Bangalore. This event is conducted quarterly once on Saturday & sponsored by Prowareness Bangalore. In this event speakers usually present on the .NET related topics.

Around one year back that first I heard about this user group. Every time I plan to attend, but at the last minute, had to cancel because of some or other urgent work. This time I was very determined to attend it, glad that at last I could make it.

This event happens at Prowareness office, Embassy Tech Village, & a full day event.

Following are the list of talks happened on 2016 Q1 meetup,

  1. What’s New in EF 7, by Raghavendra Rentala
    Raghavendra is having very good knowledge on Entity Framework, he explained some of the new concepts introduced in EF 7, with on hands demo. This talk was very informative.
  2. Techniques to optimize .NET Apps Performance Anand Deshmukh
    This talk was completely on how to write better code in .NET, by keeping the performance in mind. This was also hands on.
  3. Common Intermediate Language (CIL) by Example Ganesh SG
    This was the talk of the day. With his talk, Ganesh has taken us back to College days, where we used to struggle with Finite Automata. He explained how to learn & practice on reading the Intermediate language, and all what are all the benefits we can get from that.
  4. Inheritance Concepts With Database Table, by Madhukar Bhandari
    Madhukar clearly explained the Table per type(TPT), Table per hierarchy (TPH), and Table per concrete type(TPC) concepts in Database. This was also hands on demo.
  5. Dependency Injection with Ninject Mahesh Pratap
    This event in happened at the time of open house. Mahesh neatly explained the basics of Dependency injection, and how to implement DI concept using Ninject DI container in both desktop & web application.

Few other things about the event,

  • Event is free of cost.
  • Lunch, snacks, Tea, & juice are provided by the sponsors.
  • After the lunch, there was a technical quiz. Participants were divided into 3 groups, and believe me this Quiz was lot of fun. For winning team there was prizes too.
  • At end of the event, there was a lucky draw on the submitted feedback forms.

Some of the pics from facebook group page,

Looking for Q2 meetup.

Happy Learning 🙂