Note : This post is first published on Mar-2015 in my previous blog Techkindle. Moving the content here.

In my 4+ years of career, I had not got chance to work on a project from scratch. Till now whichever project I worked on, all are development but for each one of them there was a base already setup.

Last November got a chance to work on a project from start to end. It was a good chance where I got the opportunity to involve in discussion with business analyst, architecting the application, and designing the database.

We were three developers, no one had previously worked on ASP.NET MVC technology. But I had a little experience & knowledge on the concepts. We got a tight deadline to develop the application in MVC. Anyway we were waiting for get hands on experience on MVC. So, when this opportunity given to us, we grabbed it, and we committed to deliver it on time.

Totally it was around 4 months, we scratched our heads, stretched our times, daily I used to come home with some technical challenge. Used to sit whole night & find some solution, then next day implementing it after going to office. Sometimes felt like was not going anywhere, we had no technical architects to guide us, we stretched ourselves but enjoyed the journey very much.

At last successfully deployed the application in production on last Friday (06 Mar 2015). It was a wonderful journey through out.

Happy Learning 🙂