After learning about WCM platforms, now I am trying to understand more about Sitecore as a technology and as well as product, and it’s market position.
As a developer, it is very much crucial to know that, when we choose it as a career path/option, and to make sure we are investing our time on technologies which are having bright future.

After going through several websites and posts, here is my notes,

For seven years in a row, the Sitecore Experience Platform has been placed in the Leaders quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management.

In ranking Sitecore as a leader In CMS, Gartner cited the company’s strengths as:

Sitecore has an industry-leading, compelling and executable vision for a “contextual delivery machine.” The Sitecore Experience Database (xDB), which promises to deliver the long-sought-after “360-degree view of the customer,” contributes to this vision.

Sitecore is one of the leading enterprise-level Content Management System in .NET world, using which we can create both Intranet portals and enterprise web sites.

It supports ASP.NET MVC and as well as Web Forms.

Sitecore company was started in Copenhagen in 2001 by five friends who saw a need for a better way to build and manage websites.

Sitecore product was mainly introduced as WCM platform, which combines the components dynamically on to page and deliver to the user. Later on it has evolved to fully digital marketing platform, and now it is called as Sitecore Experience Platform, which included Web Content Management, Customer Intelligence, and Cross-Channel Delivery.

Sitecore is mainly trying to achieve, “To deliver the right content to the right person at the right time and on the right device.

Below pic depicts, what exactly Sitecore Experience Platform provides,

Please check this link to know more about the experience platform.

“Sitecore is a high-performance, scalable, extensible ASP.NET web CMS that generates all output dynamically and uses the same components and system architecture for both content and application
 – John West (All time Sitecore MVP)

Current version of Sitecore is 8.2, which is going to be released on August – 2016.

Sitecore continuously and very rapidly evolves as a product, to provide more options and features to the customers. It provides a variety of licensing option to clients.

Sitecore code is not open source.

There is a very good article 8 Reasons Why Many Enterprise CMOs Choose Sitecore


Happy Learning 🙂