It has been since few months, I had started learning Sitecore. In Sitecore, there are lot of concepts to learn, & practice, and I have come across some wonderful videos, articles, and blogs, which explains the concepts very nicely. As I was learning, wanted to take notes, so that it will aid me in better understanding the concepts. The same notes I want to share it here.
One of the video series I love on Sitecore is Weekly Friday video series covering Sitecore Best Practices by Vasiliy Fomichev a Sitecore MVP.
I like his idea of one video on every Friday. With his inspiration, I have named this series as Saturday Sitecore Learning. Here every Saturday I will be posting one article on my learning. It will be kind of notes.

Before started learning Sitecore, I have more than 5 years of experience in Web development, mainly using ASP.NET web forms and MVC, but never heard of neither CMS platform nor Sitecore term.

At last why Sitecore? This is the easy one to answer, because in the organization where I work, we develop mostly digital marketing solutions, and we use Sitecore more.

In the next post, let’s see what exactly is CMS platform, and why do we need one?

Happy Learning 🙂