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Code Snippet for validating the textbox, dropdownlist, and radiobuttonlist in ASP.NET page using Jquery.

To check Textbox value:

txtName is the textbox id:

 if ($.trim($(“#txtName”).val()).length == 0) {
  //Enter a name

To check Whether entered value is number or not:

$.isNumeric(value) method can be used to check for number

 var age = $.trim($(“#txtAge”).val());
if ($.isNumeric(age)) {
   //Entered number is Numeric

To check whether any radio button is checked:

rdbGender is the Radiobuttonlist id:

 if ($(“#rdbGender input:checked”).length == 0) {
   //Gender is not selected

To check whether any dropdownlist value is checked:

ddlQualification is the Dropdownlist id:

 if ($(“#ddlQualification option:selected”).val() == 0) {
//Qualification is not selected

Full Source Code

Output Screen

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