Note :This post is first published on Dec-2010 in my previous blog Techkindle. Moving the content here.

This is my first post in this blog. Pretty much excited. Like all techies, I too spend most of the time with computers, so just want to share few things (related to technology), which I learn or come across in my daily technical life.

Now comes to our topic, Web designing is very much important for each websites. In designing the web pages color plays a vital role.

Four ways in which we can specify the colors are:
  • Using color name (eg: black, white, red, yellow etc..)
  • Using Hex Code of a color (eg: ##000000, #ffffff etc..)
  • Using RGB percentage (eg: rgb(0%, 10%, 60%))
  • Using RGB decimal value (eg: rgb(255,0,0)

In all the above options, Hex code is very much used because of its coverage of wide range colors..

But its always difficult to know all the combinations of colors, and also sometimes if we come across any different color combination and we want to use the same in our page.
Then the problem is how to identify the name or hex code of the color.
The better way to identify hex code or RGB value of any particular color is to use ColorCop (a free multi-purpose color picker for windows)

Using the Color Cop, we can place the cursor on any object, then it gives the the hex code & RGB value of that particular object’s color. For demo please click on this link: ColorCop demo